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Workplace Injuries

In order for an injury or illness to be covered by Workers’ Compensation, it must be work-related. If your injury or illness is job-related, you should receive payment for medical bills and temporary compensation for lost earnings. A workers’ compensation claim must be filed by the worker with the Arizona Industrial Commission. Forms can be found in doctor’s offices and should be filled out and signed at the first visit to a doctor or emergency room following the injury. Nothing will happen until the worker filed his or her claim.

It will take about a month, but you will receive in the mail a notice of claim status, which will indicate whether the claim has been accepted or denied. If your claim was accepted, you will be given an earnings figure to be used by the insurance company to calculate payment of compensation. However, if you feel the figure is low, or if you have been denied, you should contact Phoenix Personal Injury Attorneys immediately or fill out our Free Case Evaluation form to have an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer contact you to discuss your options.

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