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Truck Defect and Equipment Failure

Truck accidents can take place because of mechanical issues such as defective steering or brakes or problems with lights, turn signals or tires. Such defects can occur due to negligent maintenance or cost cutting.

Truck owners may try to save money by not maintaining their equipment at the recommended intervals and consequently put others at risk. Trucks can lose control if a tire blows and the sheer size of a semi-truck can cause serious damage. Worn tires are unable to grip the road as well as they should and they make it difficult to maneuver properly in emergency situations. Worn brakes can lead to longer stopping distances or the failure to stop at all. If the trucks design or any parts on a truck are defective, you can seek compensation from the manufacturers of the defective vehicle or vehicle part.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident due to defective or failed equipment, contact Phoenix Personal Injury Attorneys or fill out our Free Case Evaluation form. An experienced personal injury attorney will contact you to discuss your legal options.

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