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Rear End Collisions

With a total of 38,567 accidents, rear-end collisions account for 45.63% of all car crashes in Arizona last year. There were 50 fatalities and 11,908 resulted in injuries. Rear-end collisions can lead to injuries that require extensive treatment. A hard impact with the windshield, steering wheel or dashboard can result in head or knee injuries. Both front and back seat passengers can be subject to whiplash. Both the driver and any passengers who have been seriously injured by negligent drivers will need adequate representation.

Rear-end accidents can happen if a driver misjudges the distance between two vehicles or loses control due to inclement weather conditions. Drivers can also be distracted while changing the radio station or while texting and fail to stop. It is the responsibility of every driver to be aware of the road ahead of them and take necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

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