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Whole Person Impairment Rating

By Dr. Bill Gallagher, DC

Insurance adjusters today are more involved in data entry than in making decisions about the value of your case. The more information you provide them the higher the value of the settlement offer.

The less information you provide for them to enter into their program, the lower the settlement offer. It really is that simple.

This is not rocket science. It is not even complicated mathematics. It is simple arithmetic based on a binary system. If you have not heard this before let me be the first to tell you. There are two kinds of people, those who understand binary and those who don’t.

If you understand how binary works than you get the joke. If not, I will gladly explain it and when you get the joke you will know just how simple the insurance game is.

It is all about numbers. Everything gets scored and converted to a number that their computer program can interpret. To start there are four areas the insurance company considers to come up with an offer;

1. Injuries
2. Duties Under Duress, DUD
3. Loss of Enjoyment, LOE
4. Whole Person Impairment Rating, WPI%

Everyone knows to document injuries. The doctor performs the tests and treatment and you include that information in your demand letter. DUD and LOE are usually included in a demand letter but often without the supportive documentation. More times than not these show up as pain and suffering (LOE) with a loss of earnings (DUD).

These are perfectly valid descriptions of the problems but lack the information that the adjuster will enter into their program. The more details that can be provided the more points will be entered into the system. Pain and suffering does not earn as many points as a loss of doing household chores, dressing oneself or being unable to play golf.

The more important thing missing from most demand letters is the WPI%. This single number can have the greatest effect on the value of your case. With a typical price tag of up to $2,500 to have an MD calculate the WPI% it is understandable that most attorneys do not include it in a demand. Our program provides you with a WPI% including citations from the AMA Guides along with a medical validation for a fraction of the cost.

Given the WPI% along with the citations from the AMA Guides you will meet the burden of proof with a preponderance of evidence that will win the greater weight challenge and the insurance company will not want to argue in court. There is no need to ever present a case again without a WPI%.

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