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Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises reasonably safe for their guests. If someone were to slip and wall on a freshly mopped floor that was not properly marked with a wet floor sign or trip and fall as a result of a turned up rug, that person is entitled to compensation for any injuries.

In order to be compensated for your injuries you must prove that the property owner knew that a dangerous condition existed and they had adequate time to fix it but failed to do so. Slip-and-fall incidents can occur for many reasons in various areas, including:

  • Falls in retail stores

  • Falls on uneven pavement

  • Falls occurring due to inordinate accumulations of ice or snow

  • Falls down stairs that were in a state of disrepair

  • Falls due to dangerous conditions in parking lots or ramps, such as potholes

  • Falls on busses or trains

  • Falls due to inadequate maintenance of railings or balconies

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