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Distracted Driving Accidents

Injuries and fatalities caused by distracted drivers are preventable.

Distracted drivers are a danger to everybody on the road, as well as themselves. There are many ways in which a driver can become distracted, including:

  • Texting while driving or reading texts/e-mails

  • Talking on a cell phone, with or without a headset

  • Using a GPS navigational device

  • Tuning a radio or other music device

  • Listening to books on tape

  • Watching a movie, video or TV

  • Eating or drinking

  • Tending to children

  • Picking up a dropped item

  • Putting on makeup

  • Checking the time, temperature, miles per gallon, miles to destination, etc.

It is important to keep up-to-date on all laws and regulations concerning distracted driving, especially as technology advances and finds new ways to tempt drivers behind the wheel.

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